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Partnering to reopen America

Partnering to reopen America

Jul 1st 2020

T3 Expo has always known that partnerships in business matter. Today, during so much unrest and facing a global pandemic, partnerships matter more than ever as we all work together to bring our best practices, ideas and solutions to the table.

T3 Expo was honored to serve as the co-chair to the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) response to the White House Working Group to Reopening America. In our role, we helped create and support the guidelines and plans for the safe reopening of businesses and the economy.

We knew it was critical to utilize over a decade of deep knowledge at event venues, retail and corporate enviornments to help support IFA and the White House task force on how to reopen the country and design a path forward.

Under the guidance of IFA’s CEO, Robert Cresanti, T3 Expo’s Chief Development Officer, Tim Heffernan co-chaired the response with IFA’s Chairwoman Catherine Monson, who all worked across all franchise catagories to present a plan to the White House. Executives from restaurants, hotels, gyms, automotive sector, retail, beauty salons, commercial and residential services also participated in the discussions to formulate the blueprints to move the country forward.

“As per the Administration’s request, and as a member of his Great American Economic Revival task force, many of our considerations and recommendations were delivered to the White House, as well as members of Congress and our nation’s governors and mayors. Prior to COVID-19, America had 733,000 franchise establishments that employed more than 7.6 million Americans. It is IFA’s hope that our recommendations together with T3 Expo can inform reopening guidelines and serve as a baseline for reopening up the country” said Robert.

Founded in 1960, the IFA is the world’s oldest and largest organization dedicated to promoting, protecting, and enhancing the franchise business model. IFA advocates for America’s 733,000 franchise businesses across 300 business lines who together employ 7.6 million American workers.

The vast majority of these franchise owners are small business owners in every sense, and according to industry research firm FRANdata, 75% of all franchise owners have fewer than 20 employees. Franchising is also more diverse than non-franchise businesses. According to U.S. Census data, nearly 30% of franchises are minority-owned, compared to 18% of non- franchised businesses.

Franchises are found in nearly every sector of the economy. In fact, less than half of all franchises are in the food and beverage industry. Other major sectors include automotive, commercial services, education, gyms, hotels, residential services, restaurants, salons, senior health services, etc. According to an IFA survey, 74% of franchise businesses in the country are closed due to COVID-19.

While franchises were highly impacted by the shutdowns, franchises – through a focus on maintaining and executing replicable and scalable operating systems, safety standards, and employee training – are suited to help lead the country’s economic revival.

Together, with IFA, other organizations and the federal government, T3 Expo crafted recommendations on how best to reopen businesses while ensuring high standards of safety for employees and customers. You can access the full report here.

Additionally, sector-specific guidelines are available online:


Commercial Services




Residential Services


Salon/Personal Care Services

Senior Care

“Continuing to safely reopen and keep America open is unquestionably important. As the nation works to keep consumers safe following this crisis, we will be here with our partners to help businesses grow and thrive,” added Tim. “The mission of partners, like IFA, during the pandemic has never been clearer: to protect, promote and enhance business.”